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Lowell Deutschlander

Disclaimer: Lowell is not a licensed Architect. In order to complete your project, you will need a licensed architect and/or engineer to review and approve your designs. Lowell can help connect you to a licensed design professional. 

Lowell studied architecture at the University of Buffalo. After Graduating in 2011, he spent a number of years on the road, taking in and studying the way that buildings fit into and communicate with the landscape all across the United States. 


During his travels Lowell spent a summer in an 18th century farm house located in rural New England. This house began to change and shift his early love for modern architecture. The beautiful simplicity, functionality and durability of the house created a deep reverence for the traditional methods of building and design. The old house kindled an interest in combining his appreciation for the modern and the desire to up hold the architectural heritage that creates and shapes the history of a place.


In 2015 Lowell returned to his native Hudson Valley region of New York State and has been working as a designer ever since. While he draws his inspiration from the iconic natural landscapes the Hudson Valley, he is continually paying attention to detail, weaving together the needs of his clients, the needs of the land, and never forgetting to draw from the rich architectural history of the region itself. 

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